AR Rahman is brilliant. No two things about it. He created a masterpiece of our Anthem for the love of music but such a work of art can function as a medium to solve many problems.

I went to watch a Ranbir Kapoor movie in Pune and as the rule in Maharashtra goes, we were to stand up for the anthem before the show. I was grooved and moved by the Anthem at that moment. I had witnessed the same before too but never gave it much thought. A couple of days later, i see this article on NE indian girls facing extreme issues in Delhi and boys being outcast virtually. I had a discussion with some of my friends over it. Many of the communities in India, because of segregated/exclusive problems faced by them have slowly drifted apart from the idea of being an Indian. Many do not consider themselves as a part of this nation because of negligence by the caretakers of the country at some point in time.

The prevailing attitude might be justified/reasonable. However, due to the incapability of reaching an amicable solution, we need to look for ideas to instill a sense of one country amongst all. How do we do it? How about using two things which most people relate to (if not all). Music & movies. I want to request the government of every state to play this composition before every show in a theatre.

I am interested in actually writing down an application and sending it out to the concerned authorities. Suggestions on how to go about it such that its implemented Nationally (and not only in states) are welcome.

Motay Uncle

So, have you ever taken the infamous sleeper coaches in India? More specifically, in Maharashtra? Even more precisely, one from Goa to Mumbai? Well. if you haven't, you should. For the sake of kicks. For the sake of seeing how some of the funniest things cater to provide convenience to our citizens.

I boarded this sleeper-A/C bus from Goa to Mumbai at 9.30 in the evening. Initially, i noticed that there was space for my two feet between a series of bunk beds one over the other on both sides. I paused and then moved towards my seat. There was someone already on my lower seat. He requested me to take his seat since he was with a group. I did not mind taking his seat which was few seats before and on the first level.

I had to climb on my 'birth' and wanted to park my shoes somewhere. That's when i noticed that the lower births are on the ground and the space in between allowed people to just walk over shoes without the parking space. I decided to climb with my shoes on. I went up the birth, took off my shoes and realized that i had to lie down right away. There was no space to sit o\at 90 degrees. It was literally a "Sleeper coach". Never mind. I lied down.

Two minutes passed and out of nowhere a 30-40ish 'uncle' emerged. He had this weird smile on his face. He looks at me and asks "Is this your seat?" I said "Yeah". Still clueless, i paused for few seconds. Suddenly, i asked "Is this your seat?". He answered with the same smile, "yes!". Just then, i realised it was 8AB where in, 8A belonged to me and 8B belonged to this man. This seat was a single 4.5 feet birth without a partition expected to be shared by any two people of any width and of any gender within INDIA.

What the hell?

Although i managed to have the seat all for myself and the guy was shifted, this was the most bizarre and silliest idea of sleeper coaches i have seen in India. I am generally oblivious to gender considerations. (Even in the above scenario i was more worried about the 'uncle's" obesity to be shared than he being a man), however, for a country like India, this is the most uncomfortable idea to be taken across public transport.

Black and White Love

Every day goes by, making me older. Sometimes i feel wise , other times am unaware of where i am. Amidst all the usual episodes of dilemma of life, i do somethings which i get excited with, honestly. 

So, a week ago, i brought a 4 foot high standing, playful, black and white Yamaha PSR - E413.

I am learning the piano on a keyboard these days. I practice a minimum of 10 minutes every day but i am hoping to increase it with time. What i play "technically" right these days :

- The Airtel theme
- Happy Birthday song with chords
- Old Mac Donald from the music sheet
- Numb & In the end (linking park) pieces

I practice chords every day. It's yet to become the best part of the day but slowly, things should turn more aggressive.

Nilofer Suleman

Two weeks ago, i had gone to attend the 'India Art Summit 2009'. A very enriching experience and some unforgettable glimpses of great art.

I had not predicted it to be so grand and interesting. I watched some 10 short films from different countries. Each of these films were quite intriguing. Some of them had interesting ideas along with smart editing.

But unforgettable art was housed in the three halls of pragati maidan. Paintings, sculptures, innovative art, everything was worth more than a visit. I couldn't see all of it but from the ones i saw, i am enchanted by the art of 'nilofer suleman'.

Colors, culture & humor. I found the blend cheeky & amusing.

The visit inspired me to start sketching again. Art is fun.


 Music inspires & transpires.

Had a relatively productive day. Amongst the various tasks, i randomly thought of listening to flight IC408 & ended up sampling a lot of 'Talvin singh'. I love 'veena', the composition comprising amongst other intruments, amazing veena and great flute.

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The first step, the last mile and every bit of the journey in between. Living every hour with myself, trying to unjumble little parts of life and figuring out the rest of it. All this and a lot more unfolded in the 3 days i spent in that little beautiful village of naggar! 

Waking up to the dim morning light and sleeping off to the silence of darkness, i enjoyed all the splendor that nature gave me in between of those variations in daylight. The stretches that i explored varied from gasping views of the snow clad mountains to the deep green views of the valleys around.

For the records, i was in a village but there was less of ruralism. Every step was full of splendid beauty in the rawest form but in the absence of a lot of civilization, i couldn't breathe the rural air much. People were simple, untouched, basic and simple but were quite aware of the world around. The cottage i put up in, was made by the villagers but was completely equipped with all modern amenities.

But despite lack of the rustic feel, the peace in the place was unparalleled and the contentment of the people was evident in the enviornment. The views were mesmerising and the children were adorable!


Situated between the kullu valley and the peaks of Manali, Naggar is a village that brings the glory of snow clad mountains, green stretches with rich flora and the silence of the lambs in one spot.

Climbing through the slopes to discover and unveil the abundance of prettiness the place holds, gives you goosebumps and takes the senses higher than the altitude. I walked through the mountains wanting to go on and never stop. I ended up seeing Manali and Naggar from all points and never did i trek to so much content ever before.

2 nights and 3 days of nothing but exploration was something i had never done before but the melancholy of leaving the place made it one of my best expeditions in recent times. Add to that, i ended up writing my first poem after 4 years which would follow next.

 (Raja's Castle - enjoyed the most fascinating views from here)

Billu - 6, Weekend gone in a fix

You can have one bad experience in one weekend. But sometimes, fate gives you one after the other.

Watched both Billu and Delhi 6, one after the other.

Billu  : An extremely powerless script, a poor adaptation of something which would have worked in southern india but seems a mockery as a hindi film. Low on emotional value and technically marked landscapes of Kerala as UP. Why can't we provide visual treat to the audience without trying to fool them?

Delhi - 6 : A big waste of great music and some interesting art direction. The biggest candy for me was the white pigeon which looked super pretty in the song 'masakkali'. The songs were directed well too. But with a no-purpose concept and a message like "hum sab ke dil ke kone mein ek kala bandar chupa hai", the movie couldn't have gone anywhere.

We make great movies like "A Wednesday", 'Dev D" and some smooth entertainers like "Dostana' and "Dasvidaniya". Yet, big names in the industry spend time and energy making movies like Delhi 6? I am in fact extremely disappointed that "Delhi 6" was written by prasoon joshi who has given us some great TV Commercials otherwise.

Well, i can only say that much and pray for a better weekend ahead! Whew!

flying high

Do you really make a Choice ?

These days, i am thinking about elections, voting and all that. Not that i have not thought about it anytime before but the rigidity of my idea of "not to vote" because no one really makes any difference, did not drive me to any constructive thoughts.

But we have seen how the youth has been constantly motivated in the past year and the results have been been impressive if not outstanding. 

The time the Mumbai shoot outs happened and all the time the country had been in the middle of crisis, i have found myself being aggressively digging news and having ideas to counter the problem but in the process, i have only been critical of our leaders (not openly but i have been angry). Initially, i was put off by all the communal debates that would obviously surface every time anything goes wrong in the nation but specially in the case of Mumbai, i was driven to see the complete lapse of security measures in the country.

But these security breaches are not about what/how the government behaves only. This is about the sheer definition of knowing what we are as a country. We don't protect ourselves anywhere from any kind of exploitation as an Indian. Because we don't know what threatens us as an Indian.

We could broadly categorise the mindset of people in this country:

What is my country?

- You may be confused as to what you really feel for the country
- You may be not bothered because your personal success has taken you beyond all these LITTLE issues (i actually met some senior people in a company laughing & gossiping in this taste)
- You may favor a particular religion and uphold the country as a representation of your community rather than humanity
- You may be one of those laid back people who can see everything, know everything yet can't take a step to make anything happen (most of the educated youth falls in this category)
- You may actually know a lot, be concerned(the thinking class of scientists & researches) but unfortunately, you think someone else will have to take care of these things

In a democracy, with so many distinct perspectives in even defining ourselves, how do we even know whether we are "thinking right?" and how do we know whether the choices we make for our representative are made in the right direction?.

Well, most of us "conclude" on what seems right to ourselves. Very few of us "think" and arrive at a point where we know what would change the situation very clearly. And majority of these few shy away from putting thoughts into actions and there words,views and discussions are confined to their entourage.

I personally think that we need smart, inspiring and wise individuals governing us who are pro-active and can turn things around. But how do i make a move to see if that can happen? 

I can't myself stand there probably but i can consider a small plan. I can make a beginning by making a choice from the ones i have. I can follow the process of elimination.  

I can remove the ones who are farthest from my idea of my country. I can pick the one who can be pushed up there carefully. I would also decide that once he is chosen, what "I" would be doing as an individual to bring a change. The benefit of such a plan would be that i would somewhere start thinking and discussing. Whoever i choose, would be atleast not a random idea but a responsible choice. I would come out for discussions and would know everyone else's opinion. Evaluate my decision before i make the final call and would believe in what i do.

There might be a situation when the person is not chosen. I would be disappointed yet i would be aware of the strengths of the one who goes up and would research on why this person went up there. Also, when i was making my choice, i also had thought about what i would do if the person does not get selected. In this situation, i would  implement that plan. I would be careful and sincere about exercising my rights & duties. Once, that is in line, i would align my personal decisions in accordance. 

In this discussion the "I" is not me but everyone who is educated and has the ability to think and take firm decisions. Even if your thoughts are not 'ideal', a sincere decision would only pave way to hope to reach the idealistic set up. If you have the ability to think and are compassionate towards those looking for a direction, it would only mark the beginning of the creation of a stronger nation.

I would be honest here. I have been one of those who always thought that not voting is a symbol of "knowing what would be better" and discarding everyone who is not inline with what you think. Basically, being a non-voter was being cool for me. It's only dawned on me in the past  years that i can keep complaining and never have a change around me. I had no right to even comment on anyone who was chosen either cos i did not do anything to give a better option ever.

But yes, now i WILL make a choice. I still do not know which one though. 

Thank You For Your Service

I reach work, the guy at the parking lot fits my car in a seemingly small space. He gives my keys back and i "THANK" him for his service. He looks up at me and smiles.

I walk up to my elevator, the lift man asks me which floor i want to go to and then takes me to the level, presses the button to let me out. I say "THANK YOU" before i leave the lift. I can sense that he was still for a second.

The office boy at my work place, keeps my morning cup of tea on my desk and i say "THANK YOU BHAIYA" , he hears , says "welcome" and goes away.

That was my first day at work.

The next day, the guy at the parking lot remembered me and was eager to offer his service, although i did not need it. The elevator guy knew the floor i was to go at but smiled at me as i entered and left the lift , me again "thanking" him every time for his job.The boy at my office gave me a welcome smile as against a monotonous "Ok, you are here" the previous day.

What's my point?


When i was in Australia, my first day was awkward as i found every person showering me with undue verbal politeness and courtesy. As i continued to observe and understand, the respect for every service irrespective of its nature and respect for every human being irrespective of his job was evident in the culture.

People tell me that all that had emerged since people were always less in that country. I believe that even if there was a cause for a certain cultural trait, if it could be used to change a certain social aspect, it better become a habit.

I learned to thank the bus driver, the office boy, the cleaner at home and every shop keeper or bar tender. It became so regular that i returned back with that habit which is now deep sitting in my public interaction. I realised it was reaching nicely even to the people around me.

A simple act of 'thanking' every person who does the simplest service for you would only help in removing the feudalistic nature of our society where every man is judged by what they do. Although this is far too ambitious but it also would add a little enthusiasm in the person who is doing that service.

Creating a little pride for the service every man around you is doing, will only bind us together through basic humanity. It just takes two words: